What’s new? She’s a ONE YEAR OLD girl!



Hi, I took a long break from blog although not from life. Flower turned a year two weeks ago. She achieved so many new abilities that year, she changed so much last months! She has done a lot and still has a lot to do.

Flower, you have begun second year of your life, I can’t believe, you aren’t newborn anymore.

During last two months Flower has developed in areas of body coordination, hands precision and eye-hand coordination, communication and language. Furthermore her relation to the world became deeper and she can focus much more as well. In details:


  • Body and coordination
  • She crawls like crazy across whole flat, she runs very fast on all her fours,
  • Easily stands nearby sofa, shelves, chairs, my knees or a bar for long, long minutes on her own, holding with one hand and trying to make steps and dancing,
  • Keeps balance while standing and moving,
  • Goes down from a mattress and sofa backwards = legs first (that skill has occurred suddenly),
  • Prepares to walk,



  • Hands precision
  • Uses a spoon on her own and sometimes a fork too, both ends :),
  • Practices opening and closing things,
  • Practices putting things out and (finally) in
  • Catches little objects like green peas, blades of grass, grain rice with her fingers = pincer grasp
  • Uses correctly (=not only mouthing) an egg and a cup, a ball from “object permanence box”, rings and post and the rest of her materials,
  • Holds a book and turns pages carefully,


  • Language and communication
  • She is very talkative, she says: “ma-ma-ma-ma”, “ta-ta-ta”, and “dah” (“dah” or “taah” for the wide variety of vocabulary ;)),
  • Nods her head with approval,
  • Points at things which I ask her about (a lamp, a window, mama, a picture, a teddy bear),
  • Points at things which she wants me to name,

DSC03701 DSC03774

  • Activities and relation to the world
  • Laughs from our jokes, funny faces, funny voices and tries to make us laugh, successfully,
  • Dances when we dance and when she hears a music,
  • Works on her own in her areas for long periods of time!
  • Loves to read,
  • Is interested in tastes and textures of new for her types of food,
  • Sings and speaks very loud especially when we’re on a bus.

I started to prepare this post over month ago (long time before Flower’s birthday) but didn’t have time to finish. I’m so glad, it’s ready!

Have a great Tuesday!