Flower in XIV month

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Flower, you are 14 months old (young)! Congratulations! You are amazing, happy, smiling, courageous, energetic,  bright, very busy and engaging person.

Let’s don’t forget what you achieved during XIII and XIV month.

  • Body And Coordination
  • You had a period, when you ate a huge amount of food; I had to start buying milk cause I couldn’t keep up with production – do you want to stop comments like ‘oh, she is so tiny’; ‘she is one year old? she looks younger’; I love you as you are, and your perfect and special and if you’re determined to grow up we-parents at your services! In these days, you are not interested in eating like you were the last month. Hope, not for too long…
  • You grew up!
  • You practice to stand on your own for more than 7-9 seconds and to walk, but you were taught by daddy that walker wagon can be used as a vehicle – and sometimes you sit on it instead of walking with it, but it’s ok for that moment 🙂
  • You walk nearby furniture
  • and on your knees with walker wagon, a potty, heavy paper board boxes or basket with books,
  • and you walk across whole flat on your feet with walker wagon or holding our hands.
  • You find it funny to climb on table (is a table appropriate place to sit, Flower?), on walker wagon (I know, daddy showed you how to do it…), on a paper board boxes

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  • Hands and fingers
  • You clap your hands, you clap when you like something, when we-your parents clap, when you hear nice music, when we sing a song “Kosi kosi łapci”
  • You still adore to open and close containers, put something in and take something out of boxes, baskets, you do it infallibly
  • You really know how to work with rings and cube stackers and you can deeply concentrate on that activity
  • You are interested in opening drawers and small doors of bedside cabinet or kitchen unit, I was prepared to that, and all drawers and easy opening lockers in living room and kitchen are prepared for your attention
  • Your hands and fingers work so deftly and precise – you practise them on small pieces of dirt and dust on the floor and carpet, on berries, raspberries, wild strawberries, pages of books.

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  • Language and communication
  • You sing aloud – during a walk, in the bus, when you feel good!
  • You love books, especially when there are pictures of a teddy bear, a bird, baby, a car, a dog and a cat
  • You repeat words like: a car (auto), babies, a lampwoof-woof, a picture/painting, a bird, come, no, yes – you use your words consistently
  • You are curious of things’ names, you point at everything, EVERYTHING and I have to name it
  • You like listening to music, you like to wiggle every time there is music around
  • You love to make a laugh, wave your hand and smile to people on the street

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