Rising a girl. Challenge, responsibility, honour. What’s on my mind.


What was on my mind when I start to blog? Hmm…

I was thinking how not to ruin my daughter’s life from the beginning. 🙂

I was thinking how to rise a girl, help her become herself. Or even better: how do not disturb her. Do not hinder her aspirations. Do not suppress her. Let her be as she is, as she wants to be.

What I am going to sa,y sounds risky, but I am going not to commit some mistakes. From my own experience and observations.

First of all I want to let her know that despite all obstacles our culture set in front of a young girl and woman she is able to:

  • live her life, with its all possibilities, chances, challenges, opportunities
  • do what she wants to do, there are much more choices than cooking, cleaning, being a good girl, stay silent and have kids
  • be anyone she wants to be,
  • stay wherever she would like to, there are more than 200 countries in the world where you can stay! There is also quite goodly amount of space to stay, about 148940000 km
  • behave the way she feel, have fun, be strong, be loud, be self-confident … (Do you have any other ideas?)

What you can do: Kick me if I ever say that I won’t let her go somewhere because I worry, because something can happen. There is no worse constraint that such words from mother’s mouths. Am I right?

I promise I will prop her up in every her extraordinary, crazy, brave, risky, expensive dreams, plans, passion. Flower, it is to you. If you want to be a teacher, a famous model, a bus driver, a forensic detective, a parachutist, a nurse, a lonely traveller, a maniac, a crazy old woman, a boy – ok. If you want to be a billionaire – ok, feel free :). If you want to clean a floor in a hairdresser’s saloon in a neighbourhood for free I will sallow this bitter pill. Don’t let anybody say “it’s not for girls”, ok?

So, that was on my mind: how to enable her being happy. I chose Montessori way of life. The best wise to start, in my opinion. Respectful for each boys and girls. Preparing both to live independent, confident and conscious life.



Who am I and why I’m here. Why not?


Who am I and why I am here? I ask myself too often. When I was younger I used to spend a lot of time deliberating on this and wondering. How much time did I waste! When I grew up I knew it was question without an answer… probably.

But put away metaphysics and focus on a new challenge: why am I blogging? Imagine you have a child (if you don’t have one), you spend 24 hours a day trying to keep her alive (it’s not so difficult), observing her, admiring, marvelling, helping her in her developement and assisting in her growing up process. You are doing all your best and more to avoid mistakes that were committed with you-child and all your generation. You try to be creative with your parenthood and try to do something more than you think usual it’s done. You are also looking for your own way in parenthood, your own path, that suits to you and your child best. You do it all instead of your past life’s affairs, issues, purposes.

What I write and what I want to write about is a path that I chose for our family. Will it work? Will it live up to all our expectations? I write because I want to find out.

Shortly – I write about how do I introduce Montessori method, thought and foundations, Montessori rudiments and rules into our family life and our home. I record our time together as well. At last I want to make use of my experience in some creative and useful way.

But I also write to find and meet parents who chose similar way of rising their children and living their life. I hope I meet them among you:)

Thank you for your attention! Hope to meet you soon again!