A quote of the week (How to support concentration)


For me-mother and us-parents to remember:


Deep concentration is normal for human beings. Because it represents a normalized state, it results in relaxation and contentment in the individual. Montessori described children after periods of this type of work as peaceful, happy, even rested and refreshed, showing a marked generosity of spirit that was not apparent before. […]

For this playful alteration to develop, children need both structure and support. […] Support comes from the emotional atmosphere at home. A positive mood in the family allows children freedom from distraction and stress of negative emotions. A negative atmosphere means that parents are not giving the support necessary for their children to develop a capacity for deep engagement and flow in their lives. /p. 35 “Montessori from the start”



Quote of the week


By applauding, saying “wonderful”, giving a kiss, or whatever, the well-meaning adult draws the child’s attention to the adult and away from the task at hand. Too much such interference, and the child becomes self-conscious. When we are self-conscious, it is very hard to concentrate on the task at hand, whatever our age. To see this we have only to remember the problems we have in sports when we let our thoughts stray to the impression we are making on onlookers, or in giving a speech when we focus on our appearance instead of the audience and the message we want to give. When the child becomes deeply constructively absorbed in a task, it is important to avoid drawing his attention to what the adults around him are thinking of what he is doing./P. Polk Lillard, L. Lillard Jessen “Montessori from the start”, p. 30.